Meet Aura


At Aura, we see you.

Today, I am excited to share that INSIKT has undergone an extraordinary transformation that starts with a bold new name -- Aura.

Aura is a name chosen with great intention. Your Aura, like your credit score, may seem invisible, but it matters a lot. We have committed to making the seemingly invisible role of credit approachable, visible, clear, transparent, easy to understand and fair for all. 

Most financial institutions see borrowers as a number, a risk, a reflection of past. This says nothing about their potential and where they can go.  

The difference for us -- we see your Aura, not your credit score. We see you, your potential, and your dreams -- and we will help you get there.  We want to connect with our hearts, not our minds. 

This mission starts with creating greater opportunity with Aura’s affordable, credit-building loans.  We are proud that since our launch in 2014 that we have provided more than $390 million in loans to 320,000 borrowers.  

Now, Aura will build on this success by further empowering borrowers and putting them on the road to financial security. 

Most borrowers have no idea what their credit score is.  They just know they are getting declined.  Aura will make it easier for borrowers to build and manage their credit history, with affordable payments and friendly customer service.  

This includes providing financial resources including free credit scores, budgeting tools, and suggestions for savings.  And we will provide detailed, personal information to make sure our borrowers know how banks look at them and how they can improve their standing. 

We know that applying for a loan and taking that first step towards building credit is difficult, sometimes emotional process.  Our borrowers simply want to be able to make a better life for themselves and their families, see their hard work pay off, and achieve their dreams.  Aura is here to make sure that borrowers feel less alone, lost, or vulnerable on their financial journey.

This, for me, is about justice and fighting for the underdog.  Our borrowers are like my parents.  No one believed in them, but they had great potential.  Just because someone doesn’t check the right box or have the right credit score doesn’t mean they’re not worthy.  In my heart, everyone deserves a chance.  That’s fair.  That’s justice. 

And that’s why at Aura, we will always fight for you. 


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James Gutierrez

February 12, 2019

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Aura Team