Angelica Used Aura Loans To Establish A Credit History


Meet Angelica

Angelica’s husband developed a medical condition which forced him to stop working. Without his salary, Angelica needed to be able to cover her family’s expenses and quickly.

Angelica was finishing her errands at the grocery store when she saw a sign for an Aura loan. She asked the sales associate more about Aura and the requirements needed to qualify. Angelica was surprised by how easy and simple the loan application was.

“I said, ‘It’s that easy to get the loan?’ I went home to get the documents, returned the same day and they gave me the loan. I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it.”

Angelica was happy to be able to cover her family’s expenses. But there was an unexpected benefit - she suddenly felt visible now that she had established a credit history of her own. Angelica continued to take out Aura loans and saw a drastic improvement to her credit score.

“If you do not have credit, you are nobody. The credit speaks for you.”

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Aura Team