Josephina Used Aura Loans To Grow Her Business


Meet Josephina

Josephina has a passion and talent for high-end tailoring and dress-making. With decades of experience, Josephina specializes in designing fairytale dresses for quinceañeras, weddings and other special occasions.

It is essential for her to have the machinery and raw materials required for special orders. However, the raw materials required for these garments are expensive, running almost $1,000 per dress.

When several orders came in at once, Josephina, like many small business owners, experienced a cash-flow crunch. She could not afford to purchase all of the raw materials she needed to complete her orders. On top of this, she needed to hire extra help to keep up with demand. Josephina turned to our Fair Loan to support her business.

“These loans are very important for many people to get ahead. The interest is low and the payments are small. You pay little by little and it’s easy.”

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Aura Team