Aura Helped Miriam Get A New Apartment For Her Family


Meet Miriam

Miriam’s father passed away when she was 15. Her mother became the sole provider for the family. The tragedy of her father’s passing changed Miriam’s perspective on money. She knew that once she turned 18, she would have to handle her expenses on her own.

Managing credit as young adult isn’t easy. Miriam maxed out her credit card and made late payments, destroying her credit. She made some financial mistakes that she didn’t realize would haunt her later in life.

Miriam took out an Aura loan to rebuild her credit. Her first loan was small. After paying off her first loan, she saw a small change in her score. But the loan’s impact on her score intrigued her enough to apply for a second loan. The second loan was to fund a major life moment - a security deposit on a bigger apartment for her family. She got the loan, got the apartment and her family moved in. Later, she got a third loan was for a new family car.

Miriam’s long term goal for her family: to purchase a home.

“We eventually want to get a house, and we know that continuing doing these personal loans can eventually help us get there, because a requirement for a home mortgage is to have great credit. ”

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Aura Team