Philippe Rebuilt His Financial Health


meet Philippe

Philippe first heard about Aura’s Fair Loans after receiving a traffic ticket. He knew how easily the cost of the ticket could spiral out of control if he didn’t pay it off immediately. Philippe mentioned the traffic ticket to a sales associate at a local check cashing store and was informed about Aura’s Fair Loan.

Philippe’s emergency situation is not uncommon. Four in ten Americans cannot afford a $400 unexpected expense, according to a study by the Federal Reserve Board. Unfortunately, Philippe had hurt his credit during the financial crisis when he lost his home and his job. He turned to credit cards to cover his expenses, leading to late fees and late payments. His credit score took a hit and the financial hardship felt like a real setback in his life.

He was not able to qualify for credit cards or a personal loan from a bank. He assumed that he wouldn’t qualify for a loan with Aura. But to his surprise, he did.

“My advice would be, you know, take the risk and apply because they're taking a risk on you. You just feel better when you can prove that you are a worthwhile risk.”

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Aura Team