Rafaela Was Able to Buy a Car and Take her Daughter to School


meet Rafaela

When Rafaela first qualified for our fair loan, it felt like winning the lottery. Suddenly, the opportunity to better her life was possible as she had the access to credit she needed to overcome her financial hardship.   

In 2009, Rafaela lost her partner, and the father to her daughter, by her side. She became the sole financial provider for the family. But she didn’t have the means to carry the financial responsibilities.

Rafaela applied for a Fair Loan and used the credit to cover her bills.

Like many, her needs for credit continued after she successfully paid off her first loan. Public transportation in her neighborhood was scarce and inefficient. Rafaela needed to drop her daughter off at school and found she was frequently late to work. With her on-time loan payments, Rafaela was able to qualify for a second loan and used that to purchase her own vehicle.

“The loans are amazing because they provided for me as a single mom, for the people that are really in need when they're going through hard times. Knowing that there is someone out there [when] you feel like nobody [is], these loans will really help you out.”

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Aura Team