Tomas Used Aura Loans For A Better Future

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Meet Tomas

Ten years ago, Tomas came to America seeking asylum for himself and his family. They escaped gang violence, hoping for safer lives in America.

Settling in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tomas quickly realized the necessity of having credit, particularly good credit. It became clear that in America a good credit score is essential for basics like applying for an apartment.

Tomas applied for an Aura loan, once he heard about the benefits of reporting his on-time payments to the credit bureau. After establishing his credit score with the first loan, Tomas decided to continue to use Aura loans. His next was to hire an immigration lawyer.

Tomas is currently applying for residency with his family, but it is a long  process. Without a lawyer, Tomas explained, there is a higher probability that their papers will not be approved.

“The judge said to me, ‘Without a lawyer, you have a 50% chance of getting deported. With a lawyer you have a 99% chance of getting your papers. That’s how it is.”

Tomas’ dreams are to gain residency for his family and provide a better life for his family.

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Aura Team