Xavier Improved His Credit Score With Aura Loans


Meet Xavier

Xavier felt overlooked by banks.  None of them would give him a chance because his credit score was subprime. He couldn’t qualify with traditional financial institutions.  But that did not change his need for access to affordable credit.

When Xavier needed a security deposit for a new apartment, and didn’t have the money available, he didn’t know where to turn.  Signs at a local check cashing center advertised our loan.  He knew that if he wasn’t approved, there was no Plan B.

He didn’t think he would qualify.

“When the associate let me know that I was approved, I was actually jumping for joy.”

Five loans later, Xavier has increased his credit score by over two hundred points. His belief that his credit score could never improve is now behind him. Banks that previously overlooked him now market their low interest credit cards and loans to him. Best of all he’s proven he’s creditworthy and qualified for a larger limit credit card.

“My view of credit over time has changed dramatically. Credit means a lot to me now. It's almost like having a good college degree.”

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Aura Team