Message from Our Founder

In 2014, I first wrote about Aura, a company with a mission to positively change the lending industry for America’s underbanked.

Aura, formerly Insikt, was started with the intent to extend affordable credit options to a population of hard working individuals in America, who are often overlooked by traditional financial institutions. In America, 66 million are either underbanked or unbanked, and do not have access to affordable credit options. For many, the only alternative to receive quick access to cash are predatory lenders. These options often funnel people further into debt, and leave borrowers with less financial agency to escape than ever before.

Aura was founded with the intention to create a more financially inclusive environment for all.

We rejected the notion that these folks should be ignored and denied access to capital, just because they lack the “right” credit score or paycheck. Instead, we believe in the moral collateral of people who work multiple jobs, day and night to make ends meet. Our goal is to help open the financial floodgates for our customers to reach higher heights by providing the necessary tools for them to succeed.

Since our inception in 2014 and our first loan was processed, we have processed over 330,000 (X) applications and processed around 800,000 loans.

A few highlights of our customer impact:

  • On average, repeat customers have increased their credit scores by 317 points from the first to the second loan.

  • X% has established credit through use of Aura loans

  • We have processed over 800,000 loans, totaling X dollars

  • We have saved our customers $X interest by using Aura, rather than predatory lending options

Today, five years later, our core mission hasn’t changed, and I am proud to say that we’ve turned our idea into a game-changing reality for thousands of working class individuals and families across America. Our customers have seen a massive impact in their credit scores and have been able to turn Aura, to help transform their lives. We view our platform as a tool to help our customers achieve the greatness that already resides inside of them, by providing responsible, fair loans, as well as, educating customers around the value of credit and other financial pillars.

I am very proud of our team members, who have worked tirelessly to reach hard-working families in their local communities through a trusted brand.

But this is just the start.

Our goal is to continue to build a network of partner stores and to grow our online presence that touches tens of millions of people each day, delivering affordable and a healthy mix of financial products to underserved, yet highly deserving families across the country.

Major Whoo!


James Gutierrez