Aura provides affordable, credit-building loans to working families in America.

Aura, a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), is proud to be a part of the financial technology community, delivering innovative solutions for fairness and financial inclusion.

Most financial institutions see borrowers as simply a credit score. 

At Aura, we see the whole you. 

We see your potential and your dreams, and we will help you get there.  Our borrowers want to make a better life for themselves and their families.  Aura is here to make sure that borrowers have a true partner on their financial journey. 

Aura serves low and middle income communities at risk of being left behind.  

  • We have provided hundreds of thousands of affordable loans since launching in 2014.

  • We are available in over 1,200 locations across California, Texas, Illinois and Arizona. 

  • Over two-thirds of Aura’s customers grow their credit score by an average of 312 points from their first to second loan.

Aura will build on this success by further empowering borrowers, putting them on the road to financial security, and helping them to achieve their dreams.